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Natural Extracts

We source from local producers, to provide perfumers and fragrance chemists with all-natural and plant-based ingredients that provide the highest quality of products to consumers.


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Our Fragrance Compound Can be Used in



oral care.png

Oral Care


Detergent Fixative

tobacco flavoring.png

Tobacco Flavoring

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Clary Sage Extracts

Produced from clary sage plant, used as substitute for ambergris.

End market:  

 - Fragrance fixative

 - Detergent fixative

 - Tobacco flavoring


Lavender Essential Oil

Extracted from lavender, an aromatic plant that is popular around the world.

End market:

 - Detergent fixative

 - Fragrance fixative

Save the Life

Learn how BON has been making efforts on sustainable and environmentally-friendly development.

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