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Technology is the core of our growth, and we place great emphasis on sharpening our R&D and innovation. Through 14 years of research and development, we have 16 patents, drafted 5 national industry standards and received numerous certifications and awards. We take pride in our innovation and creativity.

Apple Polyphenol


Apple polyphenols are antioxidants extracted from apples, which are commonly used in personal care, beauty and cosmetic products. Benefited from our geographical location, we are able connect with a number of high-quality apple suppliers in Shaanxi Province. Our patented technology platform for extracting apple polyphenol allows us to achieve an antioxidants purity rate of 70% to 90%, which is significantly higher than some of our competitors’ products.




We are one of the few suppliers of stachyose, an extract from stachy affinis, which is also commonly known as Chinese artichoke. Stachyose is a prebiotic that can promote one's intestinal health. It is widely used in dairy products, health drinks, personal care products, ice cream, Chinese medicine, and others. With our advanced technology, we are able to manufacture stachyose with a higher efficiency, which will benefit both our business and consumers.


Customer-Driven & Market-Driven

To meet our customers' needs, we are currently in the development stage in producing innovative new over-the-counter products using natural, functional ingredients intended for the precise regulation and control of the human micro-biome.

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