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Natural Extracts

Our bioactive ingredients come from a variety of plant-based sources - including fruits and vegetables. Our broad range of extracts are to provide a host of functional natural health solutions to every requirement that our customers have.


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Our Bioactive Ingredients Can be Used in

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Dietary Supplements



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Food Preservative

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Milk Thistle Extracts

Extracted from milk thistle, a flowering herb related to the daisy family. It is used to seek to improve liver diseases caused by alcohol and environmental toxins.

End market:

 - Health and dietary supplement


Pomegranate Extracts

A plant-extracted polyphenol with potential effects of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, blood pressure lowering and whitening effects, and can be used in food, medicine and cosmetics.

 End market:

 - Food

 - Cosmetics


Apple Extracts

Extracted from apple and widely used in high-end personal care products such as weight loss, blood lipid reduction, anti-aging beauty, whitening, and anti-wrinkle.

End market:

 - Cosmetics



Stachyose is a prebiotic extracted from tubers of Chinese artichoke. It can promote the proliferation of human intestinal probiotics.

End market:

 - Health supplement

 - Dairy products

 - Personal care products

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