Sales manager

Date: 09-01,2020
Location: C601, Gazelle Valley, No.69 Jinye RD.Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, Xi’an, China
Tel: 88346301
Fax: 88346302
Company: Bon Natural Life
1. Majored in marketing or related principals and graduated from training school or school of a higher level;
2. Received knowledge and skill training in marketing, products, industry, public relation and management;
3. At least have 5 years of management experiences in sales management, and have a deep understanding of marketing;
4. Can judge and expand the market properly and effectively, and have a strong ability of organization and management;
5. Can communicate with English both in written and oral form, can use common office software;
6. Be familiar with import and export procedure;
7. Self-disciplined can work independently under pressure;
8. Have a strong sense of responsibility and cooperation; and
9. Can adjust to various situations.
Job Requirements
1.Assist the sale manager to formulate overall the strategy, plan and quantitative target of sales;
2.Collect, sort out and analyze market information to prepare a report for market projection;
3.Make up annual sales expenses budget, and conduct sales tasks;
4.Make up the monthly, quarter and annual sales plan of your department;
5.Determine relevant indicators including sales revenue, market share;
6.Separate sales target and design assessment method of responsibilities and expenses;
7.Design and make necessary adjustment to marketing policies;
8.Find and maintain customers;
9.Organize and lead the sales team to achieve sales target, coordinate and settle marketing-related issues; 
10.Control and manage product sales process;
11.Prepare and sign sales contacts;
12.Collect receivables;
13.Collect and provide opinion on sales data; and
14.Build a sales team.