R&D engineer

Date: 09-07,2020
Location: C601, Gazelle Valley, No.69 Jinye RD.Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, Xi’an, China
Tel: 88346301
Fax: 88346302
Email: 2880190070@qq.com
Company: Bon Natural Life
1.Majored in biological, medicine and chemistry and achieved bachelor’s degree or higher;
2.Received training on R&D and project management;
3.At least have two years experience of product research and development, be familiar with BNL’s process and principal of production;
4.Have a strong sense of cooperation and responsibilities; and 
5.Can learn new things effectively and quickly.
Job Requirements
1.Develop new product according to project schedule, report work progress timely in written form; 
2.Bring up product development plan and budget based on annual plan of the research and development department;
3.Achieve research and development goal according to plan and budget approved the your manager;
4.Improve and modify existing product as required by the research and development department;
5.Formulate technology, process and test standard of new products;
6.Collect home and domestic technical data, keep watching product trend to provide technical advice for product-related decision-making;
7.Conduct technical training and provide technical guidance for production;
8.Design and improve process and procedures;
9.Prepare sample arranged by BNL;
10.Settle technical problem at production site to ensure production; and
11.Ensure the safety, clean and tidy of laboratory and maintain instrument in daily works.