Accounting manager

Date: 09-01,2020
Location: C601, Gazelle Valley, No.69 Jinye RD.Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, Xi’an, China
Tel: 88346301
Fax: 88346302
Company: Bon Natural Life
1.Majored in accounting or financial or related principals and graduated from training school or school of a higher level;
2.Received training in management, economical law and product knowledge;
3.At least have 3 years experience in financial management and hold a certificate of intermediate accountant;
4.Familiar with local financial and tax laws and regulations, and familiar with financial system and business about auditing, management, analysis and projection;
5.Familiar with national accounting laws and regulations 
6.Familiar with banking business and taxation procedures;
7.Is good at both oral and written expression;

8.Master financial and office software; and

9.Have a strong sense of responsibility, discipline and cooperation.

Job Requirements
1.Review and audit costs and expenses of production of BNL and its subsidiaries;
2.Reduce cost and improve production to improve economic efficiency;
3.Supervise, control and manage the cost of production, raw material purchase and inventory;
4.Keep proper record and account of all raw materials, supplies, semi-finished and finished products, as well as revenues and costs;
5.Participate in stocktaking;
6.Establish and keep a proper accounting record of item distribution;

7.Make monthly, quarterly, and annual financial analysis and provide explanations about the results; and

8.Prepare accounting reports and financial statements.