Sales representative

Date: 09-07,2020
Location: C601, Gazelle Valley, No.69 Jinye RD.Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, Xi’an, China
Tel: 88346299
Fax: 88346302
Company: Bon Natural Life
1.Majored in marketing or related principals and graduated from training school or school of a higher level;
2.Received training in marketing, products knowledge;
3.At least have 1-year experience of marketing, and is familiar with marketing;
4.Be familiar with online marketing;
5.Can communicate with English both in written and oral form, can use common office software;

6.Be familiar with import and export procedure; and

7.Is good at communication and negotiation and can work effectively under pressure.

Job Requirements
1.Perform pricing and relevant strategies, expand the overseas market;
2.Timely update product and supply information on B2B and B2C website and provide such information on such other websites;
3.Collect customer information from various channels;
4.Search customer information and send email on Google and such other well-known search engine;
5.Establish and maintain customer relationship, record and maintain customer file, as well as record and transfer customer’s opinions;
6.Arrange goods delivery and after-sale service;
7.Collect goods receivables;
8.Establish sales account, assist financial staff in relevant accounting issues;
9.Make up relevant sales statements;
10.Follow up the order, process documents, logistics and other works;

11.Formulate customs clearing relevant documents; and

12.Keep records of export data.